GoHardcover is more than just a library.

Your Own Private Library Starts Here

GoHardcover is a decentralized book library. A place to meet friends and lend books to you. Borrow from people you know, swap, or give away your copies, and ultimately have access to an expansive library like never before.

Your Books. Your Friends. Your Library. Your Way


Read books from your friends for free and feel inspired by their picks. Enjoy a selection of free books and feel connected to those who have read them before you, creating an efficient and sustainable system that circulates knowledge and entertainment freely.


Share stories, experiences, and ideas with people in your network. Lend out or borrow books from friends, family members, neighbors, or colleagues- build relationships and grow your library together!


Connect with like-minded readers, create meaningful connections as you discuss the books in your library, find members with similar interests, or even just chat about life. Keep track of who lent what book to whom, easily add to your collection without buying new titles every time, and stay inspired with book recommendations from all around the world!

Avoid Waste

Support circular economy practices by reducing waste associated with physical book purchases. Read more while buying less with Gohardcover – no need to worry about storing outdated texts; just switch them up as often as you want so they never go to waste!

What Does GoHardcover Have to Offer?

A full online library for an offline network.

Your data and books stay private, only available to the people you choose to connect with.


Complete social categorization for your books, like Goodreads and Story Graph has.


Create a circular economy without any consumerism


A sustainable approach to borrowing and collecting books.


Save and reduce book waste.


Have access to all kinds of amazing books for free.

How Does GoHardcover Work?


Download the App

Search GoHardcover in your Apple (iOS), Android, or App Gallery App Store and download the app to your device. Sign up for an account, and you're ready to go.


Build Your Library

Go through your library of physical books and add them to your collection. Scan the barcodes or enter the info manually to log the books you have. Make notes on the quality and add your review on whether you enjoyed them.


Connect with Your Community

Reach out and connect with other readers around you. Whether you're getting your friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors onto the GoHardcover platform, the more people you connect with in your local area, the wider range of books everyone can access.


Get Trading

Once your community starts to go, you'll see all the books your network lists. Choose to take, rent, swap, or give away your books, creating a free-flowing network of books where you're always spoilt for choice, all without having to pay for another book again!

Books should go where they will be most appreciated, and not sit unread, gathering dust on a forgotten shelf, don't you agree?

  • Christopher Paolini
  • American author and screenwriter

Get Started

To start your own GoHardcover network, download the app and create an account!